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The Perfect Birthday Gift For Her

Q. I want to buy my girlfriend a stun gun for her birthday but I'm not sure which one to get for her. She's definitely a girly girl, a sophomore in college, and likes going out a lot. Which one do you think I should get for her?                                                                                                   

Dayton, OH

A. You're an awesome boyfriend for looking out for the well-being of your girlfriend. You sound like a keeper!

I think you should buy her a pink rechargeable cell-phone stun gun. It carries 4.5 million volts and has 2 safety features which prevents it from being accidentally discharged...which no one wants to happen. Especially when you're partying and having a good time.

Rechargeable Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun 4.5 Million Volt - Pink

This stun gun looks like a cell phone, so no one will know she's packing. There's also a built in LED light so that she has a flashlight when walking to her car at night. This particular cell phone is rechargeable and comes with a holster and a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Can't beat that!

The only down side is that it does not operate as a working cell phone so hopefully she already has one of those, right?

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