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  • Best Home Security For Apartment Living

    The majority of apartment dwellers reside in a residence without a monitored home security system. Apartments are typically used as short-term housing. Small apartments get outgrown for a larger apartment or another place has better amenities than the current one. Apartments are also used by first time home buyers who are saving to purchase their first home.

    With this in mind, it's usually not economically sound to spend 100's-1000's dollars on a home security system for an apartment unless it's a long-term situation. On top of that, you have to get permission from management because they may not allow it. If it's stated in the lease that it's not allowed then there's really no point in asking.

    So what exactly is the best home security for apartment living?

    The wireless home security system is the answer.

    Wireless Home Security System

    It works almost exactly like a monitored security system but the difference is that there's no monthly fee and there's no call to the police in an emergency.

    Once the alarm is triggered, it calls the first number on the list. You will then have the opportunity to hear what's going on in the room and speak to whoever is there. If it's a false alarm, you can disable it as well.

    If you're at home when it goes off, you should get to safety and use your phone to call 911. As added security, be sure to keep pepper spray next to your bed in case you need to defend yourself.

    Wildfire 3/4 ounce 18% Flip top Actuator Pepper Spray Stream

    So if you're currently living in an apartment or something similar, make sure you are well protected with this inexpensive home wireless security system. Or if you just happen to know someone who does, purchase a security system as a home warming gift or a gift for any occasion. You can't lose when you provide someone with peace of mind and security!

  • How To Tell If You've Been Drugged


    Did Bill Cosby actually drug and rape all of those women who accused him of such? I don't think we'll ever really know. It's quite unfortunate, either way. But one thing that is known is that an untold amount of women are raped each year in our well as beyond our borders.

    It's really difficult to put a number on exactly how many women have been sexually assaulted because there's a great number that go unreported. Victims of a sexual assault usually always feel responsible, on some level, for what happened. However, shame and fear are two of the biggest reasons victims keep their mouths shut.

    Spiking a woman's drink is an easy way to rape a woman. It's highly likely she won't even remember what took place which completely benefits the perpetrator. Ladies, it's time we took our power back. Don't let a man unknowingly spike your drink. Test your beverage with the Drink Guard!

    Put a small drop of your beverage on the test strip and wait for it to dry. If it turns blue then you know you're drink has been spiked. It works for any beverage, not just alcohol.

    Let's hope that this type of technology is decreasing the number of drug rapes AKA date rapes. However, just like condoms, these can only be effective if they're actually being used.

    So if you're a parent that purchases condoms for your teen....then you need to add this to your list of must haves.

    However, rapes don't occur in just one certain age group, religion, or race of people. The truth of the matter is that ALL WOMEN should have these in their possession. Don't wait until it happens to you or a loved one and then WISH you'd had these. They cost about the same as a box of condoms so there's no excuse! Get your Drink Guard today!


  • Why Home Invasions Are Dangerous

    The Dangers of Home Invasions

  • The Perfect Birthday Gift For Her

    Q. I want to buy my girlfriend a stun gun for her birthday but I'm not sure which one to get for her. She's definitely a girly girl, a sophomore in college, and likes going out a lot. Which one do you think I should get for her?                                                                                                   

    Dayton, OH

    A. You're an awesome boyfriend for looking out for the well-being of your girlfriend. You sound like a keeper!

    I think you should buy her a pink rechargeable cell-phone stun gun. It carries 4.5 million volts and has 2 safety features which prevents it from being accidentally discharged...which no one wants to happen. Especially when you're partying and having a good time.

    Rechargeable Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun 4.5 Million Volt - Pink

    This stun gun looks like a cell phone, so no one will know she's packing. There's also a built in LED light so that she has a flashlight when walking to her car at night. This particular cell phone is rechargeable and comes with a holster and a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Can't beat that!

    The only down side is that it does not operate as a working cell phone so hopefully she already has one of those, right?

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